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Copier printer3 Color Tiered prints/copies pricing. How does this work?

Under the 3 Tier Model there are three bands of price offered for color images based upon the amount of color coverage on a given page.  These bands can be set by the dealer and a price applied to each tier.  The MFP determines which tier to count the click in based upon the percentage of color coverage on the page.  B&W coverage is not affected.Tiered printing

Think about a low coverage tier, a middle coverage tier and a full or normal coverage tier for example.  Usually the specific color coverage percentage is quoted for each tier along with the click charge for each.

The beauty of the system is that a client can determine while using the device what the price will be that is charged for a page simply by checking the counter to see what tier increments when the page is printed.  This could be very handy in designing a letterhead so it hits the low price tier…or for any other document you are creating to customize your output to hit an acceptable.

Why would a client want this to happen? 

Fundamentally, the 3 Tier Pricing Model reduces the client’s risk of cost for an inadvertent color print.  Often the type of color page which gets printed by mistake is something like an e-mail with a small amount of color, say a URL.  In the traditional model, when a print is done and it is done in color the full color click charge gets applied, say 9 cents.  Under the 3 tier model this small use of color attracts the tier 1 price, say 2 cents and therefore a 7 cent ‘savings’ on this error print is realized.  The penalty paid for the error print is not high (when compared to the cost of the B&W print that was desired.)

The model also encourages the client to use design to match their color output to the pricing model.  Creative use of coverage can help keep the costs in the middle or low tier and still have the positive impact color provides.

Our field experience shows that on average about 20% of the volume of client color output is running in each of the low and middle tiers with the remaining 60% running in the regular tier.  The percentages do vary with client but on average we find the trend at this point reflects the levels above.  We also have found that clients are much less likely to lock color down and deny access to most users therefore increasing the value of the color MFP investment for the organization in general as all the employees with a need for color have access.

How do I obtain 3 Tiered Print Color Pricing?

You have to buy or lease one of the Kyocera [supreme kwid=66 kw=”office copy machine” url=”https://minnesotacopiers.com/office-copier-sales-lease/” cpfl=false] models that support 3 tiered meter.  You also have to locate a dealer who is prepared to offer you the 3 Tier Pricing Model.  This is a feature that is turned on by the dealer and the levels of coverage are able to be set by the dealer (in the case of Kyocera).  Not all dealers have decided to engage the 3 Tiered Print Model so you will need to ask before you buy if this is something you would like to entertain

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