Still Have 6 Months Left On My Copier Lease | Should I Upgrade Now?

Warning: Don’t let your current copier vendor coerce you into signing another Copy Machine Lease contract before your current contract is up.   Normally your sales rep will visit you within 6 months of the expiration of your copier lease.

Is your organization looking to lease a multifunction copier for your office?  Besides the proposal from your vendor there are several things that need to be considered.  Most dealers operate as a contractor for major manufacturers in the imaging industry.  These copier printer dealers, have their own rules on how leases and other services are structured.  This is common because vendors support their clients locally and work with leasing companies that are not tied directly with the manufacturer of the office equipment they sell – otherwise known as 3rd party leasing companies.  Understand your local dealer’s rules (and costs) associated with a lease before you enter into any long-term contract to protect your company from hidden expenses.

Why Is The Sales Rep Trying To Upgrade my Copier So Soon?

Simple…. This way they will eliminate anyone else’s quote, eliminate any potential competitor, the new vendor would have to buy out the existing lease, and that will automatically increase the cost of the new equipment  – Most of the time they will put an expiration date on the new deal so they pressure you to sign and not get a new vendor involved. This is a very common practice, if you have been with your existing copier provider for many years, IT’S TIME to look into a proposal from a different vendor, we find that many times the amount saved can be upwards of 30%.

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You also need to see not just look at the cost of the lease alone, most providers are combining a portion of the cost of the service contract in the lease, this way they can show you a better cost per copy, so the best way to compare the proposals is the combined costs (lease + service) this number will give a true monthly cost, also DO NOT add service to your lease payment!

Rolling Payments Into Your New Lease

Rolling copier payments is bad for the customer and bad for you the salesperson. As a sales rep I don’t like to even roll a single payment into the new deal.


There are many sales reps that have a revenue quota, and the pressure to hit that revenue then precipitates the road to the early upgrade…

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