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Minneapolis, Mn Printer Repair | HP Printer Repair Service Toner Sales

Minneapolis, Mn Printer Repair | HP Printer Repair

Minneapolis, Minnesota • HP Printer Repair • Laser Printer Repair Service Fast!

We respond within 4 hours to perform printer repair service and printer repair in Minneapolis area, call us and within four hours we will be in your office to provide laser printer repair and maintenance services for HP printers and Multifuntion devices!

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HP Laser printer repair

We have been a main stay in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area for over 20 years!

Call us today for your HP printer repair! 763.509.0054

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If it needs toner, we deliver it

If it‘s broken, we fix it

If it doesn‘t work or it‘s outdated, we replace it 

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Our Proactive Printer Repair Service specialists perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. The suggested frequency of cleaning and inspection is determined for each piece of equipment based on type, level of use, and working environment. All Proactive Cleaning and Inspection services are completed on-site and include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Removing All Surface Dirt Outside & Inside the Printer
• Removing Certain Parts to Clean Thoroughly
• Blowing out Dust & Paper Particles Inside the Printer

• Standard Repairs Billed at $95/Hour Labor Plus Part

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HP Printer Repair Service • 763.509.0054

  • HP LASERJET SERIES 4/4M, 4plus/4M PLUS, 5/5N
  • HP LASERJET 1200/1300
  • HP LASERJET 2100, 2100m, 2100tn, 2100x, 2100XI
  • HP LASERJET 2200, 2200d, 2200dn, 2200dt, 2200dtn
  • HP LASERJET 2300, 2300d, 2300dn, 2300dtn, 2300n
  • HP LASERJET 2410/2420
  • HP LASERJET 2420, 2420d, 2420dn, 2420n
  • HP LASERJET 2430, 2430dtn, 2430n, 2430t, 2430tn


  • HP LASERJET 4000, HP 4000n, 4000t, 4000tn, 4000se
  • HP LASERJET 4100, 4100n, 4100tn, 4100dtn
  • HP LASERJET 4200, 4200n, 4200dtn, 4200dtnsL
  • HP LASERJET 4240,4250, 4250n, 4250tn, 4250dtn
  • HP LASERJET 4250, 4250n, 4250tn, 4250dtn
  • HP LASERJET 4300, 4300n, 4300tn, 4300dtn
  • HP LASERJET 4350n, 4350tn, 4350dtn
  • HP LaserJet 5000, 5000n, 5000dn, 5000gn
  • HP LaserJet 5100, 5100tn, 5100dtn
  • HP LaserJet 5200, 5200tn, 5200dtn


  • HEWLETT PACKARD Laser Jet 8000, HP 8000, 8000dn
  • HP LASERJET 8100, 8100n, 8100dn
  • HP LASERJET 8150, 8150n, 8150dn, 8150hn
  • HP LASERJET 9000, 9000n, 9000dn, 9000hns
  • HP LASERJET 9040, 9040n, 9040dn
  • HP LASERJET 4050, 4050t, 4050tn
  • HP LASERJET P3005, P3005n
  • HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, P4515
  • HP LaserJet 4014, 4015, 4515
  • And many more!

HP Printer Repair Service • JR Copier of MN • 763.509.0054