Ricoh Savin Copier & printer (SC) error codes

Most Ricoh made copier & printer engines have similar sc error codes, PLEASE if you do not know, what you are doing DO NOT try to correct the problem, many times the copier/printer goes into error code state to prevent further damage.

This list of error codes can give you an idea of what is happening to your equipment.

SC551 Pressure roller thermistor OP

SC552 Pressure roller warm-up error

SC553 Pressure roller overheat

SC554 Pressure roller ready temp low abnormal

SC555 Pressure roller ready temp abnormal

SC557 Pressure roller temp does not increase

SC558 Zero cross signal abnormal

SC590 Exhaust/fusing motor error

SC391 Toner supply motor error

SC592 Toner black motor error

SC599 Copy exit tray motor lock

sc600 Communication error between main control and operation panel boards

SC602 Communication error between BICU & HddRicoh Copier printer error codes

SC603 Communication error within main control boards

SC604 Serial signal error in main control board

SC605 Communication error between main control and IPU

SC610 Communication time out

SC611 Communication break error

SC612 Communication command error

SC620 Communication command error BICU/SBCU and ADF

SC621 Communication error between BICU/SCBU and RADF

SC662 Communication error between BICU & RADF

SC623 Communication time out error

SC624 Communication time out

SC625 Communication error  between BICU & Finisher

SC627 CSs (RSS) communication error between line adapter & CSS

If you need further assistance PLEASE call us or contact your trained service tech. 

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