Which technology is best for your office, copier or printer?

Which technology is best for your office, copier or printer?

A copier that prints?   Or a printer that copies?   Or is there a difference?
Yes, there is a difference.   A difference the amount of money you will spend that is.

You can buy, rent or lease your office copier or printer.

In most cases, it’s best to go with a printer that copies, instead of a copier that prints, but it all depends on your monthly volume. Here’s why:

1. How reliable is your copier?   Copiers were notorious for unreliability, newer copiers are just as good as printers, due to the all in one drum cartridges and long lasting consumables.   Printers, especially HP, Xerox, or Kyocera brand printers, are legendary for their durability and low down time.

2. If your copier or printer goes down, can someone in your office fix it themselves?   Generally not. In fact, it may void the warranty to even attempt a repair.

3. If your copier goes down, how easily and quickly can a service technician be dispatched?  Very important if you only have one printer or copier in the office.

4. What is the True Cost of what you are paying for with either a copier or a printer?   This is where you have to be careful.   With a printer, your cost is whatever the purchase cost is of the printer, plus the cost of the toner and service.   But with a copier, you have numerous, often hidden costs that are hard to get a handle on. They include:

1. The cost of the lease (the copier companies rarely sell them because they want to get you on a long-term lease – it’s more profitable for THEM.)

1. The cost of the service agreement (mandatory)

c  The cost of the per-page printing charge

1. The cost of the over-or-under charge usage (usually mandatory).   This tricks a lot of people. For example, let’s say that you sign up for 20,000 pages per month, at $.01 per page.   If you go over that 20,000 number, you pay a penalty.   But if you go under that number, say you print 10,000 pages instead, then you’re still paying for all those pages that you didn’t print. So, in reality, your per-page cost is $.02 per page plus the cost of the month lease!  It adds up very fast!

The point is…

In today’s office environment, especially for small and medium sized businesses, copiers don’t make sense to acquire on a long-term basis, or as new equipment, the best solution would be a refurbished machine with a service contract, again is all about the volume you print or copy.

The solution: before you sign up for a copier lease, let us look over the legal agreement of what you’re about to sign.

We can do a Managed Print Analysis – Total prints your office makes, and give you an accurate number of prints, copies and scans you make, so you do not over buy.

We’ll reveal the True Cost of what that contract will actually set you back.   You’ll probably be amazed and shocked, just because we will actually save you a lot of money!

In most cases, there’s a better alternative. Call us for more details and your free analysis.


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As always feel free to ask me any copier buying or service question and I’ll do my best to give you a solid answer.

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