Copier Lease Agreement | What you Should Know!

Copier Lease Agreement

It’s been a great copier and still is, but now your sales rep is coming around to sell you or upgrade your copier.

So now you would like pricing and quotes from other office equipment vendors, mean while your existing vendor’s pricing is higher than most other copier quotes you received.

So now you go ahead and tell your old vendor you decided to lease your new equipment from a new vendor, then the unexpected happens…

Some companies are putting a clause in the lease agreement, that if you do not let them know that you will be returning the copier at the end of the lease, 30 days in advance from the lease expiration date, it will automatically renew for another year, YES! Another year… and think about this, you already paid for that copier, now you will be paying an additional $5,000 to $7,000 for a machine you already have paid.

When your copier lease is up – Make sure to let your leasing company know what your intentions are, you may be able to buy the copier for 15% of the original value or $1, it all depends on how your lease was written, and if you are returning the equipment, MAKE SURE YOU LET THE LEASING COMPANY KNOW IN ADVANCE.

You can also negotiate the auto-renew clause at the beginning of the lease, that way you do not have to worry at the end of the lease.

We can help you save thousands on your new copier, but we need to know ASAP to be able to help you!

Copier lease

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