Should I Get A New Copier | Old Copier Upgrade

Knowing when to say goodbye to your old copier can be a challenge. Many business owners go for a new machine when their copier’s output, speed, and functions no longer meet their current needs, but even if your old equipment keeps up with demand, it’s still a good idea to replace your copier every three to five years. When it’s time to find a new one, here are the signs to look for:

Higher Output – Copier

If your copier breaks down frequently under increased use, it might be time for an upgrade. The older your machine is, the more maintenance it needs. But when downtime interferes with your operations, it’s time for a new investment. You need a copier that can meet your production requirements.

Every copier, whether it’s a home or business model, has a limited range of production. These ranges are often defined by average or maximum monthly output numbers to make it easier for consumers to choose the right version for their needs. When use exceeds the production range, mechanical problems can arise. The more a copier is forced to perform outside of its range, the more expensive and time-consuming repairs and preventative servicing can be — and that means less work gets done by the people who rely on the equipment.

If your business produces a very high volume of copies, get a machine that can handle it. Look for information about monthly volume allotments to make sure that your copier will remain a reliable workhorse.

Copier Speed

Copiers that leave your customers waiting — and your employees idling — are bad news for your business bottom line. Some copiers are made to produce a large quantity of copies very quickly, but others crumble under the pressure and jam if too many back-to-back jobs are ordered.

If your copier cannot produce the quality of copies that you need, it’s time for a new one. Research your options, and remember that speed does not necessarily go together with a copier’s output capability.

Other Features – Copier

If your business values efficiency and productivity, it can be cost-effective to invest in a copier that can perform multiple functions instead of several single-function machines. A multi-functional copier can also help ensure that production is confined to one area, such as a back room in your office that you’ve designated as a copy station.

One last factor to keep in mind is security. When you replace an old copier, take the necessary measures to ensure that the old machine doesn’t become a security risk. Wipe its hard drive clean of your business’ and your clients’ information. Taking this extra step can help spare you from identity theft and client-related legal repercussions. More modern copiers have better security features.

Color Copier Cost

Today’s copier technology has what is called 3-TIERED COLOR – In short, what this does is lower your printing cost on color copies or prints, all older machines had one meter for color prints/copies, that if you had a service contract you would pay a set price per copy/print around $0.085 – that was charged no matter the amount of color coverage you had, whether it was a hyperlink in the page or a color company logo to a full color coverage brochure – With 3-TIERED COLOR you pay for what coverage you have – for example company logo coverage would cost $0.03 per print vs $0.085 so you can have up to 30% lower operating costs

This alone should encourage any business owner to replace the old copier, just for the savings – in many instances we find that customers are getting new equipment for less than they can operate their old machines!

Don’t wait on the old copier to die…

Start today – Improve productivity, but also your bottom line!


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